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  1. Th3HolyMoose

    Procedurally Generated Rally - Stage Pack #2 0.2

    Procedurally Rally - Finland Stage Pack #2 (v0.2) Hi! Sorry for the time it has taken me to get a stage pack released! I hope to get continuous releases out here from now on, as my generation process has gotten more streamlined and I'm also a lot happier with the stages in general. Current...
  2. Th3HolyMoose

    Procedurally Generated Rally & League - Stage Demo Pack #1 0.2

    Procedurally Generated Rally Stages - Demo Pack #1 (v.02) (I did a doh and submitted instead of preview, please hang on as I add updates!) All done now, enjoy! Over the past few months I've been working on a program that procedurally generates rally stages (or touge roads, hillclimbs, etc) in...