1. Mascot

    Billboards & terrain map for Prato v1.0 03.09.2021

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * Billboards & terrain map for Prato. Note, Norms and Slider's updated track has more billboards, gantries and 3D hills. Those will be ignored...
  2. F

    New AI for "Prato 1.21" 1.0

    I've recorded new side lines for the and a new for the track "Prato 1.21". (just google it)
  3. Sascha Guenther

    AC Prato Short & Prato Long Billboard update 2019-03-09

    Hi, A big billboard and texture update for the (fake) Prato circuit (to be found here at RD). I have redone nearly all ads and textures which are mandatory. Just put them into prato_short or prato_long (or both) folders and unrar the file. Then choose with content manager. Things I did: _...