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post processing

  1. H

    pureREALISM 2.0

    Only for Pure !! Not Sol !! This is based on Peter Boese's pureSIMPLE PP filter. Uninstall the previous version of the mod before installing new one. Requirements: Content Manager, CSP 1.76+, Pure 0.58 development preview. If you don't have Pure, you can support Peter Boese on Patreon and you...
  2. supercarsimracing

    SSR Realistic PPfilter Real 1.1

    Hi everyone Here is the latest (Real 1.1 ppfilter) with loads of updated adjustments. I have listen to all the feedback and used it to get the Real 1.1 ppfilter just right!. Again the aim is to create filters that give you a realistic enhanced look without using the Reshade Tool software. I...
  3. lunaa

    snoowu's Real ppfilters 2.0

    Hello all! I've worked on these filters for a while now and they have had many iterations and looks. Finally, I have found a look for them that I like and have seen good use for photography. This download contains 3 filters; snw_real is meant as a run of the mill daily use/photography filter...
  4. DIE 8 BESTEN Assetto Corsa Post Processing Filter | SOL, Photorealistic & mehr!

    DIE 8 BESTEN Assetto Corsa Post Processing Filter | SOL, Photorealistic & mehr!

    What are the best Post Processing Filters for Assetto Corsa? I asked you guys and here are you candidates! DISCLAIMER: This video is in GERMAN
  5. apollosteamp

    Brightness Asseto Corsa

    My game updated today and my brightness change a lot. There's too much brightness on my game and the LEDs of the steering wheel (of some cars) are with too much brightness, much different than before the update. Someone can help me? ( I use CSP and Sol )
  6. demoint

    Cotoo PP filter New color

    cotoo csp/sol steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters
  7. GTAce

    Solstice - Graphics Mod with Realism in Mind 6.0

    DISCLAIMER: Graphics mods, ReShade presets and PPFilters are always a matter of taste. I'm not saying this is the best mod out there, but I personally like my settings more than anything available. Anyway, this is Solstice, my personal enhancement for Sol and the Custom Shaders Patch. Its...
  8. babue2314

    Bagnum's True To Life Graphics Mod v3

    This is a graphics mod for Assetto Corsa, originally created by Robert Wagner under the name "TTL". I have taken to modifying it extensively, under the name "Bagnum's TTL". Extended Download List! (includes early access versions) (old versions are unsupported) Screenshot Comparison...
  9. Suchsneak

    Gran Turismo Sport Inspired PPFilters v1.4

    "GT_DAY" is the default filter, it works well at all times, but I recommend switching to the other two when the sun is close to the horizon to add more atmosphere. FPS impact should be minimal on decent high performance rigs. To install, look for "assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters" place the...
  10. Incredible Hulk

    Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD 1.0

    Hulk's F1 2014 lighting MOD v1.0 - Tweaked versions of Codemaster postprocessing track files - No performance impact - Recommended to use with NeffO’s mods and Daniel Paez “hyper real” tracks - Based on “auroboros” work and “2013 Tracks New Lighting” - Work with other mods and with F1 2013/...