podium advanced paddle module

  1. Biro

    Sell Fanatec Podium Porsche Wheel Rim, Button Module Endurance & Advanced Paddle Module

    I'm selling some Fanatec wheel gear I bought 2 months ago and only used a few times. Podium Button Module Endurance - £160 Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Leather - £120 SOLD Podium Advanced Paddle Module - £145 SOLD You'll only need to get the Podium Hub to mount the setup to your...
  2. Philip The Titan

    Podium Advanced Paddle Module is INSANE

    FINALLY, we get to test the Advanced Paddles and they don’t disappoint. They have the touch of real race car paddles and continue to deliver with that feel through out a session in the rig. Check out my latest video on them! These Paddles Are INSANE!