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playstation 2

  1. Keselowski2

    PlayStation 2 intro for rFactor 1.0

    Made just for your nostalgia! PlayStation 2 opening for rFactor by Keselowski2. Does not cut the ISI intro (I've mixed the ISI intro with the rFactor intro in the "PreGame" intro file) How to install: Extract all bink files to your rFactor\MovieFiles folder. Overwrite if asked. Enjoy and have fun!
  2. beetesjuice

    RSS GT - Vortex - Oreca Team #52 Playstation 2 - 2002 Le Mans 1.0

    My attempt - first paint here - at the Oreca Team - Equipe de France FFSA #52 Playstation 2 Viper that ran at the 2002 Le Mans. Should be in order but let me know of anything in the comments. Will post an update over the weekend after I finish up a few other things. Enjoy!