1. cupldcry

    3 New Plates 1.2

    (Need UnityAssetsExplorer)
  2. haasje33

    FIA WEC & Le Mans Number Plates 1.0

    This is my Photoshop template for number plates for the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These number plates are optimized for use with the skin templates for Studio 397's LMP2 and GTE cars. Required font: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold
  3. Isaac Chavira

    2018 WEC & ELMS Number Panels and Class Decals 1.0

    All decals are made to spec and correct Pantone color as specified on the official page. All category decals are proportioned to scale against the number plates. Correct font and color used as well. All work including the 24 LM and WEC logo was hand vectored by me. If you have Illustrator and...
  4. MartyTheGamer

    License Plates Customization v.1.0.1

    (Thanks to Radex for the video) Features: - Easily change the license plate textures - Different plate shapes (European, US, Finnish) - Many positions for the front license plate - Ability to have different textures and shapes between the front and rear plate - Settings are saved on game save...
  5. Serafin

    Old Polish Licence Plates Pack V0.2

    Hello, I'm made old Polish Licence Plate Pack :) To install this mod you need ,,Unity Assets Explorer".
  6. Isaac Chavira


    Here are the number panels for the IMSA WeatherTech racing series. These were made from scratch using Adobe Illustrator CC 2017. . I hope you enjoy using them on your skins. I'll be releasing the 'CORE AUTOSPORT' 911 GT3-R soon
  7. Isaac Chavira


    Okay gentlemen here is your 2017 variant of the 24 hours of SpA Blancpain Endurance GT Series. I have included the naitive .AI file for Illustrator CC 2017. I have included a copy with numbers so you can make a transparent layer to use as a number placement guide. Both images are PNG at 2048px...
  8. Isaac Chavira

    [RESOURCE] Generic Race Department Number Plate v1.0

    So, I came up with a new logo for 'RD' as you can see by the red 'r' and blue 'd' sixtynine'd together, LOL. This plate is meant to cover any event for Assetto Corsa. PREVIEW
  9. V

    Finnish License Plate Pack 1.0

    The Finnish License Plate Pack, simple. The whole idea for this pack was to get clean real life looking Finnish license plates, and its here now. Installation: Get UAE 1.5 here: Make a folder called anything you want, and put...
  10. MartyTheGamer

    [OBSOLETE] Japanese & American License Plates v. 1.2

    OUDATED - DOESN'T WORK Please see my new license plate mod! (< Click here) This mod changes the model and textures of the license plates of the Satsuma and Hayosiko to Japanese or American ones. Update 14.5.2017 - Redone mod. License plates should now look correct on all vehicles. How to...