pedals inverted

  1. JMeister

    Inverted pedals. Suggestions?

    Hey, I just ordered a Thrustmaster TX-SW and I am new to SimRacing (drifting more likely). I'm pretty sure, even though I never tried it, that I would be happier with inverted pedals like the T3PA-Pro model. TM told me that they are not going to sell these anymore and I can't really find...
  2. F

    Throttle axxis inverted HELP

    I can't figure out what's going on... it seems like the axxis for all my pedals is backwards. My throttle is being fully pressed ( without being pressed ) and I can make it so I get less throttle as I push the throttle in. It's the same with the brakes and clutch. So my brakes are fully locked...