1. mat.scho

    Lamborghini Huracan - Orange1 FFF Racing Team 2021 *BRAND NEW* 1.1

    Very high detailed livery for new Orange1 FFF Racing Team Skin! Hope you enjoy!
  2. mrleman

    GRT Grasser RAcing Team ADAC GT Masters 2018 V1.1 Final

    The last three missed skins of GRT team in order to complete 2018 season! Special thanks to: Baron3105 for providing his original .PSD file of the Blacnpain liveries and making nice previews gibsonhase for ADAC 2018 numberplates #19 Ezequiel Perez Companc, Marco Mapelli #63 Mirko Bortolotti ...
  3. Baron3105

    Grasser Racing Team 2018 SPA 2018 Final

    Hey, that's a last (planed) update of the green three monsters. If you like my work you can donate me ;) My biggest thanks to: - Orange1Racing for the team logo - Isaac Chavira for Blancpain GT series flag and numberplate - mrleman for Blancpain GT Series Class Stickers and Scrutineering...
  4. Isaac Chavira

    [Blancpain] Team Orange1 Lazarus Racing - Huracan GT3 - Misano MWC 1.0

    Hello all, This is the 2017 Misano livery for Team Orange1 Lazarus Racing driven by Fabrizio Crestani of Italy and Gustavo Yacaman of Columbia. The livery for Monza will accompany this file and will be updated soon. Like all my cars they will be continually updated and fine tuned.
  5. Isaac Chavira

    [Blancpain] Team Orange1 Lazarus Racing - Huracan GT3 - Pack 1 - SpA and Zolder v3.1

    Updates are planned soon. It appears I have the driver names wrong for the Zolder car. The one I gave you guys was used but only for practice. Crestani and DE Marco actually ran the race. I confirmed this with Silversun and the official team gallery. I believe the third picture in their folder...