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  1. Ogygia Vlogs

    My Summer Car - Save Game With The Car Fully Built But Not Inspected 2021 | Ogygia Vlogs Tangerine FZ-120 Pickup Working XMP FILE

    This is a save file with the car fully built, but not inspected. It will pass inspection, but that's up to you to get done. Everything else in the save file has been reset as much as possible, to make this a save as close to a new game as can be done, while still leaving the car completed...
  2. Helldriver

    A Savegame at the beginning 2019-05-19

    Hi Guys, this is my first upload ever. I haven´t played My Summer Car for a very long time and started a new game. I had a hard time figuring out the new stuff like the wires, the timing chain, the distributor and things like that. Finally the car runs and drives. It has a new Battery and the...

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