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  1. Joakim Skalstad

    KNA Raceway (Sokndal, Norway) 2021-06-08

    Brand new racing track located in Sokndal, Norway. Track created by Norwegian creator: Dazzorm. (i have permisson to upload here) Perfect track for races with small and nimble cars! Visit the tracks official homepage here: www.motorcenternorway.no Dazzorm on the web: Discord...
  2. B

    Verdal Motorsenter 1.0

    Hello! This is my second track I've made for Assetto Corsa, I hope you'll enjoy it. Please feel free to give me feedback on the track. :) Track is mainly focused on drifting. Big shoutout to OTM Ted Bundy for lots of help on the track! My discord where I have all my tracks as well as...
  3. B

    Gardermoen Raceway 1.0

    A track I've made in Race Track Builder. Its semi-fictional but I take inspiration from a track named Gardermoen Raceway in Norway. This track is made for drifting. !Drive it clockwise! Original created by BroVeLa Shoutout to OTM Ted Bundy for assets and advice :) My discord where I have...
  4. Rimouski

    Nordic Countries Skins (Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose") 1.0

    Nordic Countries Skins for the Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" created by Pessio + included countries are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway + France, Italy, Portugal and Spain can be downloaded HERE How to install: Unpack the "content" folder into your assettocorsa root folder...
  5. scrpiit

    Norwegian Texture Pack w/ authentic textures 3.1

    More textures are in production. Suggest more in the comments. How to install: [Credits: R0CK3R; for the video]
  6. Alexander192111

    Textures Norwegian Texture Pack

    Alexander192111 submitted a new resource: Norwegian Texture Pack - A norwegian texture pack for My Summer Car . Read more about this resource...