1. Daniel Gomez

    962c Trust Nisseki #49 - Le Mans 1991 0.8

    Based on restored version, not original, as there's no good images from original and model cars are not accurate sources. Some things to fix as UV mapping is awful in model, that's why not 1.0, but the main idea is there.
  2. moustiqo

    Porsche 962c Long Tail - Nisseki #63 1.1

    1990 Le Mans livery from Nisseki/Trust racing team. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. moustiqo

    Porsche 962c Short Tail - Nisseki #100 1.1

    Based on the 1989 WSPC season livery from Nisseki/Trust racing team which is actually a Porsche 962 GTi 106B chassis. This is my first skin, hope you enjoy it!