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Do you ever race in VR?

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    Votes: 158 36.9%
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need fix

  1. O

    Problem drifting in online sessions

    I cant seem to do a drift online with my driving force gt wheel. Whenever I start the drift it is impossible to control where to go and I spin out immediately when starting the drift. Also my wheel counter steers against the drift from alone and to change direction I only have to use my gas...
  2. T

    I need Help for Inspection

    hi guys i have a problem im going to inspection with satsuma and i put my car in lift and clicking lindell he is goingto near the lift looking and when he return inspection card is not spawning. how to fix it ?
  3. J

    cant load project touge

    hey, i just got a logitech g920 with a shifter and 3 pedals the other day and have been spending alot of time on it. all of the other tracks i downloaded for ac have worked but project touge somehow wont work i can see it in the menu and select it but when i start it comes up with an error wich...