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  1. G

    A Real time app with multiclass option

    Hi, im looking for a realtime app for multiclass racing in asseto corsa, so i can make sure on which position i am in my(slower class), who is catching etc. The IRacing app is perfect, using different colors for each group of cars, is there any app near that?
  2. Tarmac Terrorist

    Drive any car you like Nordschleife Multiclass Trackday Server (as found in Assetto Corsa) for RF2

    So you know those wonderful servers in AC where you can jump into a Nordshleife trackday and choose any car you like to do a few laps in when you've got an hour free and you just wanna drive. Always full of people, no A.I, easy to join, no hunting around for mods to D/L just does it all for you...
  3. The snad'Zo

    F1 2020 Multi-Class Mod 1.0

    OH NO! Liberty Media hasn't coped with its task and Formula 1 is mired in a crisis! The decision to their aid came from FIA – to combine F1 and F2 races into a multi-class! – "What? It's not about Formula 1! Formula 1 is ever forever was, be and will be one class!" – *meme with doubt* Many...
  4. JoelK

    EU Multiclass @ Spa - Sun 16th Feb 2020

    Dare to overtake through Blanchimont, or maybe through Eau Rouge ? If you're crazy enough, you can try that out as we go through the Ardennes forest, this Sunday ! Welcome to the Assetto Corsa racing club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to...
  5. BastiPCF

    New Track Rotating Multiclass/GT3 Server

    I've started a new public server for Multiclass LMP1/GT3 Events or sometimes just LMP1 or GT3 or GTE Events (depending on the track) on PC. Thinking about doing some fun events as well! The track is rotating every week (Monday-Sunday). Currently we're starting at Spa! So if anyone wants to...
  6. Joseph Wright

    rF2 Special Events: Get Your Le Mans Fix Here!

    With the 24 Hours of Le Mans on everyone's minds we've created some other opportunities for you to find your endurance fix. "Another year, another June, which can only mean one thing... it's time for Le Mans! And at RaceDepartment this in turn means that it's time for an rFactor 2 Club "Special...
  7. Bobby Pennington

    EU LIVE STREAM: WEC Multiclass @ Nurburgring GP GT OSRW - Sat 10Mar18

    Welcome EU and US Drivers to Germany for a Multi Class endurance event. We will be taking the LMP's and GT2/E's around the Nurburgring GT and use the Extended Gridslots 1.0 Mod to accompany 30 drivers. There will be a Mandatory Pitstop between 10 and 80 minutes. The field will be limited to 30...
  8. Bobby Pennington

    US WEC Multiclass @ Spa OSRW - Sat 17Feb18

    Welcome US and EU Drivers to the Ardennes for a Multi Class endurance event on one of the worlds most iconic tracks........Spa Francorchamps. We will be taking the LMP's and GT2/E's around this legendary circuit. Ready to battle Eau Rouge, challenge the off camber entry of Pouhon and blast...
  9. Mankiewicz

    Multiclass skinpack settings?

    Im doing a multiclass skinpack with 74s Porsche RSR and Boxers. I have set multiples performances =1 in the .srt but something weird with the rival cars' textures. Someone knows the right way to structurate this?