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motedis x-dream rig

  1. G-Slev

    Slide for slot 8 aluminium extrusion

    I have built an 8020 rig using aluminium from motedis. I am looking to incorporate a keyboard tray in the build, but need something to go in the aluminium profile that is capable of sliding in the groove from left to right. There is a commercially available solution, but it is ridiculously...
  2. miro620

    Sell Fanatec stuff + rig + Reverb G2 with mammut grips

    Hi Guys, I decided to sell my stuff, because I didn´t have enought time to use it. I bought here Fanatec stuff last year at may from the guy from Portugal, which bought it as new at january 2020. When I got it, it was as new, because he play on them max. 10-20 hours. I didn´t have enough space...