1. Manian

    EXT_CONFIG Addition + TV Cams for Mosport D.D.T. by Johnr777 0.9

    New TV Cam set and CSP config additions for this amazing track by Johnr777 Features: - Updated Config* - Added lights (no bulb beam due to some mapping limitations) - New RainFX config - New GrassFX config - Seasonal ADJ - New TV Cam set (1 camera position, 4 different FOVs) * Just disabled...
  2. Johnr777

    Mosport D.D.T. (CTMP D.D.T.) 0.95

    This Assetto Corsa track is made available to the public by the RCLUB, Toronto's social club for automotive enthusiasts About: The CTMP Driver Development Track (DDT) is a 2.88-kilometer, advanced driver training facility in Bowmanville, Ontario. Located adjacent...
  3. Pasta2000

    Ford GT40 - Mosport 1966 Can-Am #94 Comstock 1.0

    As requested by Crivitz Chris, here is the GT40 that raced in some events during the 1966 Can Am series. Owned by Comstock from Canada, the car saw some decent succes in the series. Chassis P/1037, number 94. Includes custom JSON file. Enjoy :)
  4. RSS GT-M Bayro 6 V8 @ Mosport | Assetto Corsa

    RSS GT-M Bayro 6 V8 @ Mosport | Assetto Corsa

    RSS GT-M Bayro 6 V8 Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsport Park)
  5. deem

    Deems Winter Track Pack 2 1.3

    NOW COMPATIBLE WITH SOL/WEATHERFX Please note - installation has changed slightly. For best results use with, Peter Boese Sol and x4fab dynamic lights shaders patch. INSTALLATION Copy the extracted 'content' folder into you main Assetto Corsa folder. If prompted to do so, select ‘Replace...
  6. yam_ia

    mosport TV cameras 2018 1.00

    tracks :
  7. Johnr777

    Mosport 2021 (CTMP) 3.0

    MANUAL install instructions: Unzip ZIP file, copy content folder to your Assetto Corsa ROOT folder, click yes to folder warnings. See image below for reference. WARNING There are some issues with various 3rd party apps in AC that cause...
  8. Poopenshnapples

    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - Mosport 2012 1.0

    Automobilista: 2012 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park v1.0 AKA: CTMP, Mosport GP Location: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada Length = 2,549 miles./4,102 km TrackType = Permanent Road Course Max Vehicles = 36 Install: Merge Automobilista folder with Automobilista...