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monte carlo rally

  1. ytursunoff

    Ford Fiesta R5 #19 Sebastien Loeb | Daniel Elena v 1.1

    Greetings, There are rumors for Seb joining the blue oval for 2022. Fiesta R5 in C4 livery with 2021 Ford sponsors Ford Fiesta R5 #19 Sebastien Loeb | Daniel Elena - 2022 Monte Carlo Rallye Install: Backup ..\cars\Fr5.nefs replace Fr5.nefs with the file from archive and you have it...
  2. G

    1960 Monte Carlo Rally Austin Mini #299 0.9

    My first skin: Driven by Tommy Wisdom and Jack Hay in the 1960 Monte Carlo Rally. Love seeing old racing pictures and I started to take these pictures as references for making skins for AC. For now a 0.9 version I'll update as I learn. Have fun!
  3. TheSourceOfTheNile

    Carlos Sainz 1992 Monte Carlo Rally Toyota Celica ST185 1.1

    Over 30 hours of work has gone into recreating the livery ran by Carlos Sainz and his codriver Luis Moya in the 1992 Monte Carlo Rally in a lossless 8K resolution as accurately as possible. Sainz would place second in the event, and later go onto winning the 1992 WRC World Driver's Championship...
  4. AyrtJ97

    Lancia Fulvia HF (Sandro Munari-Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1972) [4K] 1.1

    Car: Lancia Fulvia 1.6 Coupe HF (Group 4) Numberplate: TO E24266 Driver: Sandro Munari Codriver: Mario Mannucci Team: HF Squadra Corse Lancia Starting number: #14 Event: 41st Rally Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1972 Position: 1st v1.1 - New version of my take on Sandro Munari's Lancia Fulvia HF...