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modding help

  1. nut6661

    RIDE 4 What verison unreal engine use for Ride 4 ?

    Hello, who knows about a version unreal engine for RIDE 4? Can't find no tutorial or something
  2. andrewaugust93

    Cars Any way to mod Kunos Version of Lotus 98T data files?

    I tried unpacking the data and I tried using AC quick car tuner. The unpacked .ini files are just gibberish. And AC quick tuner cannot edit the files as I get an error that says car won't be loaded, check your data folders as there's no compressed data for this car. I assume it just cannot...
  3. AdmiralKaneki

    F1 2013 First time modding

    I wanna try modding F1 2013 with more modern style design (2018 F1 font, 2018 style OSD). What tools should I use for modding visuals like these?
  4. K

    is it possible to mod the gifu engine to not stall

    i made a mod that increases the gifus max rpm to 6k but once it goes over about 3,5k rpm the engine stalls is there a way to stop that
  5. WingedSupra95

    Tracks Help on making track skins?

    I would like to make a 2019 Track skin pack for the Australian Supercars championship, as a lot of tracks have very dated track signage in comparison to the cars racing around on them, but I have no idea on how I would go about it. Would anyone be willing to talk me through how I could do this...