mclaren f1 gtr

  1. Darth_Benobi

    Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing #59 Livery for the McLaren F1 GTR 1.0

    Based on Andy Blackmore's Ueno Clinic livery for the 1995 Le Mans winning McLaren F1 GTR. To add this livery extract the zip file to the root of your Automobilista 2 install directory. If this is the first livery you are adding for this car, simply rename 'mclaren_f1_gtr_new.xml' to...
  2. H

    McLaren F1 GTR Vodafone chrome/red 1.1

    requires CSP
  3. krissboo

    Ueno CLinic Mclaren F1 GTR Livery 2.0

    PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MY LIVERIES WITHOUT PERMISSION I wasn't going to release this as there are a couple of versions of this skin already floating about but after some positive comments I have decided to upload this one and hope it doesn't upset anyone. Anyway this is my version of the 1995 Le...
  4. halljaq

    GOLD3N's 1997 FIA GT Skin Pack 1.4

    I put about a week into this pack, this is my first time making assetto skins, some of these are not accurate but their close enough, im not a professional at all. I would like to do more in the future too, im a big FIA GT and BPR GT fan, so i decided to give this try and it came out better then...
  5. H

    McLaren F1 GTR EMI #40 EMKA Racing 1.1

    Car that finished 4th in 1998 Le Mans
  6. db-design

    Benetton Racing - McLaren F1 GTR - Fictional 1.0

    100% of all proceeds will go to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (which the British Government will match, "pound for pound", up to £20 million of donations). A livery for the McLaren F1 GTR, in keeping of the Le Mans liveries during the mid 1990s. Benetton Racing McLaren F1 GTR If you...
  7. AlexBfromG

    "White Gulf" Mclaren F1 GTR Paul Ricard 1996 1.1

    This Livery only came by accident, and most pictures online have disappeared over the years, but i made this skin back in Forza, and here it is again. Only by crashing the car in free practice at Paul Ricard, and no time for the real GULF livery, this livery came to be. Enjoy!
  8. Foxtrott123

    LANZANTE MOTORSPORTS British GT 1996 Donington 2K skin 1.1

    Hello! This is a skin of the Mclaren F1 GTR #02R from the LANZANTE MOTORSPORTS Team. Lanzante raced with this chassis in the British GT Championship of 1996. During the season the livery and the sponsors of the car changed multible times. This livery was only used at Donington and never again...
  9. shadow118

    McLaren F1 GTR West 1.0

    McLaren F1 GTR West. I had a request to make this livery for the 650S GT3 and after I completed it I figured I might as well make it for the F1 GTR too. I didn't check if anyone's done this one before, this is my version of it
  10. H

    McLaren MCL34 skin for F1 GTR 1.0

  11. Thescarfhusky

    Capital Kings Mclaren F1 GTR 1.0

    Disclaimer: This car is to show love to the musicians. "We live for the drop!" This skin is inspired by one of my favorite Christian musicians: Capital Kings. They've made both original and remixes. If you've never heard of them. Look them up. They have some great music! About the car skin...
  12. Lunatea Dreamer


    Hi! It's been a while! Here I present to you my project I've been working on for the past few months! (Admittedly took longer than I was expecting!) Features fictional liveries themed around the BPR series for: McLaren F1 GTR (Kunos) RSS GT Tornado V12 RSS GT Vortex V10 Also comes with...
  13. H

    McLaren P1 GTR livery for F1 GTR 1.0

  14. Nico

    McLaren F1 GTR - Harrods #51 1

    Just in time before the end of the Le Mans skin contest, the third finisher of the 1995 race, following the victorious Ueno Clinic 59 car.
  15. Nico

    McLaren F1 GTR - Ueno Clinic #59 2

    My own take on a legendary car, and one of the most memorable winners of the greatest race in the world. I had the idea of making this a long while ago, but the contest for Le Mans skins convinced me to get serious with this little project.
  16. William Nowell

    McLaren F1 GTR @ Imola

    This is my baseline starting point for next weeks The Simpit SRS race. Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a setup guy. I find a base that works for me and then tweak from there. Hope it helps.
  17. William Nowell

    McLaren F1 GTR @ Suzuka

    My setup for the SRS Simpit race. It's a very challenge but very reward car.
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    PC2 Circuit of the Americas Coming to Project CARS 2

    Slightly Mad Studios have revealed the first images of the McLaren F1 GTR and America's very own Grand Prix track Circuit of the Americas, both coming to Project CARS 2. We already had a good idea that the iconic McLaren F1 GTR was going to be included in Slightly Mad Studios new Project CARS...