Oreca 07 LMP2 - Lidl Concept Livery 1.00

    Here it is a concept livery for the fantastic Yezhrod's Oreca07 LMP2 for Assetto Corsa (it is free downloadable from his Patreon). I had a lot of fun designing this livery, enjoy it :) If you want you can see all my works on my Instagram
  2. Wietie

    Ligier JS8 - Lidl Fast Delivery Service 2019-11-27

    At last Lidl has found their delivery vehicle of choice! Light? Check. Enough room for many baguettes? Check. Roundabouts can be taken flat? Check. Stops from top speed to 0 faster than a Pagani Zonda R? Check. Look no further, this is the fastest way to deliver in style. (just a quick skin...
  3. StarlightIV

    TatuusFA01 Lidl Racing Skin 2019-01-09

    This is a Lidl themed TatuusFA01 skin I made for fun, hope you enjoy it :)