lemans 1966

  1. nopitch1

    Porsche 908LH - Zuffenhausen #98 Edition 2022-02-13

    Hi, This is a new skin made for this absolutely amazing car. Livery is about german flag colours, following the lines of that piece of art. Some pictures: Hope you'll enjoy it, Thanks Lokopixo for the perfect screenshots,
  2. nopitch1

    FORD GT40 - American Spirit Racing #8 2022-01-17

    Ford GT40 - American Spirit Racing #8 Fictional one with 60's vibes, Made with love by french simracers Join US: https://discord.gg/gYQFSmQQDZ https://discord.gg/9YcD9D9h4f Some -vintage- pictures: Will be racing this one at the "Triple Historic Championship" from SRA simracing team
  3. nopitch1

    Ford GT40 - CAMEL #88 1.0

    Ford GT40 - CAMEL #88 Fictional one, Made with love by french simracing team "Nova Racing Team" Join US: https://discord.gg/gYQFSmQQDZ Some pictures: Inspired by a Mk.2 slot car i found on internet
  4. L

    Ford GT40 MkII Ken Miles 1966 1.0

    This skin have a lot of imperfections but, thrust me, i made my best, i love the history of the 1966 LeMans race and the movie too, have fun : )