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keyboard shortcuts

  1. Billy Pilgrim

    My cat walked on my keyboard and cut all audio - Help!

    My charming (bloody) cat walked across my keyboard this morning and seems to have cut all audio in Assetto Corsa (audio may be cut elsewhere on the PC - didn't have time to check). She walks across the keyboard from time to time and turns on the virtual mirror or changes the camera view - both...
  2. L

    Keybord not working with G27 wheel

    Hello guys, I noticed that while I'm playing Assetto Corsa with my G27 I can't use the keybord keys assigned to a specific control, like ABS. I would like to know why and how I can solve it.
  3. Lowsound

    Keyboard Replay Controls (VR)

    Hi! I've recently gotten a Rift and am thoroughly enjoying my VR driving experience. I'm certain it's made me a better driver(maybe not faster, but I can more easily catch slides!) and as such I'd love to be able to record some of my better drifts/slides while in VR. I'm well experienced with...