Keybord not working with G27 wheel

Hello guys, I noticed that while I'm playing Assetto Corsa with my G27 I can't use the keybord keys assigned to a specific control, like ABS. I would like to know why and how I can solve it.


ABS in AC controls is CTRL+A ....
I don't understand why you should not be able to type A with your keyboard.
And moreover you can assign this feature automatically to a button of the G27 in the Controls Option

All specific keyboard controls use CTRL+ a letter or number
I have a G27 also and never experienced what you describe here !?
And I need my keyboard for different tasks also on track Online

How did you create a specific control with only A for example ?

Surely with Content Manager ? ...
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When you assign a button to a control in the g27 you can also assing a keybord key. But if you try pressing it during game it doesn't work. I mean that.


That's surely why AC original controls are using a CTRL ... : they did it to avoid this problem.
Strange I must admit ... as it worked for other sims .... but it doesn't work with AC.

But I wonder why you assign a button of the G27 with a letter while it is possible to assign this control automatically in the Launcher Controls Options .... simply by clicking the G27 button you choose.
Look at all controls assignment possibilities in those option and you will easily solve your problem with this easy system.

Same possibility with Content Manager if you prefer.
I didn't know about the possibility to change controls with a combination of keys. Where can I find the complete list?. The reason why I asked this is becouse I want to use rotary switches of my Simraceway SRW-S1 so I need to assign a key to each of the rotary switch.


Make sure this checkbox is activated: