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jaguar racing

  1. S

    Jaguar R5 1.0

    This is my second mod. Jaguar R5 skin from 2004. Copy-Paste Added. Enjoy! :)
  2. S

    Jaguar R4 1.0

    Copy-Paste Added. Enjoy! :)
  3. samideluxe

    Eddie Irvine helmet Jaguar 1.0

    Eddie Irvine inspired helmet skin for Jaguar. It's not a replica, more a decent variation of the original helmet. It is copy & paste installation. (PS: Jaguar car livery used by F1Chaos)
  4. GuiihRamos

    Panasonic Jaguar Racing F1 Team 2019-09-13

    Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and I do not have much knowledge of English, so I apologize for possible and probable writing errors. This is one of my first modding work in F1, I had the idea of making a fantasy career in my game, I thought of implementing new teams in the grid that already...
  5. Eur3ka

    Daniel Crossman Jaguar Racing R6 Fantasy Livery 2019-03-21

    DANIEL CROSSMAN JAGUAR RACING R6 FANTASY LIVERY A turquoise blue Jaguar livery designed by Daniel Crossman either to replace Williams or Force India Check out Daniel Crossman here: behance.net/danielcrossman instagram.com/danielcrossmandesign/ twitter.com/dnlcrssmdsgn AS ALWAYS, MAKE SURE YOU...
  6. Bas Bouma

    Jaguar Racing R5 for Ferrari F2004 1.1

    This is the Jaguar Racing R5 skin, which raced in the 2004 Formula 1 season, for the Ferrari F2004. The download contains 2048*2048 and a 4096*4096 versions. The skin is based on the mid-season version of the rear car, which raced in the 2004 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Included are...
  7. TimeOut73

    Aarava's My Driver S5 Jaguar Racing 1.0

    AARAVA'S MY DRIVER S5 JAGUAR RACING - The skin Aarava uses in his My Driver Career S5 series Enjoy!
  8. ccreed

    Jaguar F1 Team 2017-02-07

    Hello, This is my first skin ever. It's replace the williams-mercedes f1 team of the wcp 2016 mod by a fictional Jaguar F1 team
  9. BigEarsGaming

    Panasonic Jaguar F1 Team (Full Team) 3.2.1

    Hi Everyone! This is my third mod so I hope you like it, introducing Panasonic Jaguar F1 Team! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR 1000+ DOWNLOADS ALSO A HUIGE THANKYOU TO FRANSKE FOR MAKING THE BEAUTIFUL...
  10. Bethonie Waring

    Massa Happy with First Formula E Test

    Felipe Massa has said he’s “happy” with his first experience in a Formula E car, which gave him a glimpse at an alternative 2017. Massa was expected to make the switch to the all electric series after his retirement from Formula One, but his quick U-turn put any plans on hold. He still got a...