imsa skins

  1. Jaedog1011

    Fps problems

    So I made a thing/working on a thing 2019 IMSA Lexus RCF And i have major fps lag now and I'm pretty sure its because of how big the dds file is, Can i get confirmation on if that could be the problem, and if it is does anyone have a method on how to make them less chunky of a file.
  2. PR0JECTNR56

    IMSA Weathertech 2019 stickers

    Currently I have a pair of 8k uncompressed Mazda RT24P-DPi skins in developement, however I am struggling to find a good source for the sticker, which can be often seen on the front left side of the roof. Example photo (sticker marked with a teal green rectangle): I assume that the stickers...
  3. Jordan Dion

    Porsche GT3-R PFAFF Motorsport 2019 IMSA 1.0

    Porsche GT3-R PFAFF Motorsport 2019 IMSA Hello guys! So this is my first mods / skin! Hope someone love it ! :cool: Let me know if you guys have suggestions! I did my best to find the sponsors.. I put so many hours in this thing!