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  1. joa93marquesargentina

    Volkswagen ID.R V1.0

    In the "upgrades" section you can select the different versions of rear wings, splitters, rims, etc and that would change the balance of the car.
  2. RasmusP

    Volkswagen ID.R challenge - Top Guys' Setups Shared

    Hi folks, this is now really a setup I'm gonna share so I'll create the thread here instead of a setup thread in the setup section. I tried to get a fast time in for about 4 hours. I tweaked and tweaked, that said I'm not really familiar with setups in R3E, and found a good, balanced one and...
  3. Ensi Ferrum

    SimHub DashStudio Dash Volkswagen ID.R 1.0

    Competing in the Volkswagen ID.R Time Attack Challenge in R3E? Well, then this dash might get you more immersion: Included is a profile for Arduino RGB LEDs as well. Installation: Download Extract Double-click on VW ID.R.simhubdash Import LEDs.leds in SimHub Arduino Tab. You're good to...