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  1. ZL1

    Volkswagen I.D. R | Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road Record | 4K V1.0

    Presenting Volkswagen Motorsport's Tianmen "Heaven's Gate" livery This livery is a lesser-known brother of the famous blue Nurburgring Nordschleife version, mainly because there wasn't much media attention towards this record run. Real-life picture for reference: Anyway, this livery should...
  2. RasmusP

    Volkswagen ID.R challenge - Top Guys' Setups Shared

    Hi folks, this is now really a setup I'm gonna share so I'll create the thread here instead of a setup thread in the setup section. I tried to get a fast time in for about 4 hours. I tweaked and tweaked, that said I'm not really familiar with setups in R3E, and found a good, balanced one and...