1. shadow118

    HGK Eurofighter Carville Racing 1.0

    HGK recently announced their updated E92 Eurofighter livery, so I updated the virtual livery Livery is for the E92 Eurofighter from the DCGP 2021 car pack
  2. shadow118

    BMW M2 EventSeelisberg 1.0

    BMW M2 EventSeelisberg livery, requested by @csgomaster42069
  3. shadow118

    Toyota Supra GR N.Shikov 1.0

    N.Shikov's Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra, competing in the Russian Drift Series GP. This is the first car, that's using the new HGK Supra Jet bodykit (unfortunately the mod doesn't have the new HGK bodykit, but I did recreate the livery) Mod is from VDC Public Car pack 2.1 (2021)
  4. shadow118

    HGK Eurofighter 2020-12-09

    HGK Eurofighter livery for the DCGP 2021 BMW E92 Eurofighter mod. I had previously done the HGK livery for the DCGP 2020 mod, but in the 2021 version the skin layout is completely different. Since I couldn't just copy-paste the old one, I figured I might as well do a more up-to-date version of...
  5. shadow118

    James Deane's Falken Eurofighter 1.0

    James Deane's Falken E92 Eurofighter. I had done Deane's livery on another E92, but this one is the correct Eurofighter model (E92 from DCGP 2020 car pack).
  6. shadow118

    E92 Eurofighter Lukoil 1.0

    RDS Lukoil livery for the DCGP BMW E92 Eurofighter
  7. shadow118

    DCGP E92 Eurofighter 1.0

    One of the cars In the updated 2020 DCGP car pack is a BMW E92 with a full HGK Eurofighter bodykit. I can finally make this skin for the proper car it's supposed to be on.
  8. shadow118

    RSS Bayro 6 Eurofighter 1.0

    HGK Eurofighter skin for the RSS Bayro 6. The original Eurofighter is an E92 drift car, but I think this livery looks cool on this car too
  9. shadow118

    Corvette VDC Evil Empire 1.0

    Sergei Kabargin's Evil Empire #49 Corvette, for the VDC Chevrolet Corvette C6 Mast V8 mod Some of the details are slightly diffrent from the original, since the mod is based on the ZR1, while the actual car is a C6, most noteably the Evil Empire logo in the rear, on the real car it's below...
  10. shadow118

    BMW M235i Eurofighter F22 1.0

    HGK Eurofighter F22 livery... sort of. The F22 in its naked carbon-kevlar form. I wasn't able to get rid of those Dunlop stickers on the bumper, so I decided I might as well keep the Dunlop tires too. The real deal looks a touch more aggressive than what's available in the game
  11. shadow118

    HGK BMW E46 Kit Car 2018 liveries 1.0

    HGK BMW E46 Kit Cars for the VDC E46 Mod The red and black livery is from "HGK Drift Challenge 2018" event. Kristaps Blušs came second in a fierce battle against Matt Field The red and white livery is from "Drift King of Riga" event, which was the 3rd round of 2018 Drift Masters European...
  12. shadow118

    HGK Eurofighter BMW M3 E92 1.0

    HGK Eurofighter livery for VDC BMW E92.
  13. shadow118

    HGK Croco BMW M3 E46 1.0

    HGK "Croco" livery for VDC BMW M3 E46
  14. shadow118

    BMW E46 HGK Drift Challenge 2018 1.0

    Kristaps Bluss BMW E46, that he drove in HGK Drift Challenge 2018.
  15. shadow118

    BMW M3 E92 Drift HGK Eurofighter 1.0

    I decided to make the Eurofighter skin for the Kunos BMW E92 Drift (the other Eurofighter skin, that I made, was for a mod) And since that mod was heavily based on the Kunos E92, it wasn't that hard to tweak it to fit the car. Also, the Kunos car doesn't have any mirrored fenders, so I could...
  16. shadow118

    BMW E92 HGK Eurofighter 1.3

    BMW E92 HGK Eurofighter skin. Update 1.1 In Formual Drift Long Beach 2018, the HGK BMW E92 Eurofighter had an updated livery, with some hi-liter yellow elements instead of just naked carbon-kevlar and different decals. I made some updates, to match the new look Update 1.2 Fixed some logos...
  17. shadow118

    BMW E30 Drift HGK 1.0

    An early HGK Motorsport livery for the BMW M3 E30 Drift (It also works for the other E30's, some might require some renaming though) Btw, the first ever skin I made almost 10 years ago was a replica of this same livery.
  18. shadow118

    BMW E46 HGK "Croco" 1.0

    The HGK skin, that originally came with this car imho wasn't very well done, so I redid the whole thing from scratch. I had to make some changes to make it fit the car better, as it's not actually the same model that Croco is in real life (the real life car doesn't have as massive wheel arches...