1. Langheck_917

    Jon Norman Alfa Romeo GTV (1973 SCCA Regionals) 1.0

    Alfa Romeo GTV Widebody raced by Jon Norman of Alfa Parts and Norman Racing Group. This car has been campaigned since the early 70s in 2.5L Trans-Am and SCCA B-Sedan Regional Championships. With 40 years of development and over 100 podium finishes, this car has survived and continues to be...
  2. smurth

    Pessio Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.0

    Not a big deal, here ; I've spend a whole day on this but my subconscious didn't allow me to make proper reflections. So... Adds a little bit of dust to interior windscreen and removes the yellowish tint. Suggested tweaks (car.ini) : [GRAPHICS] ONBOARD_EXPOSURE=17 OUTBOARD_EXPOSURE=29
  3. LeSunTzu

    Alfa Romeo GTAm - Gouden Gids Racing 1973 2019-09-25

    The real car was a GTA Junior and I made this skin from a couple of b&w pictures and a crappy 73 video, so it's for what it's worth.
  4. LeSunTzu

    Alfa Romeo GTAm - DNRT 1970 - Nico Chiotakis 2019-09-21

    A Dutch GTAm.
  5. Pessio

    1970 Alfa Romeo GTAM 1.32

    I'm really happy to bring you my last creature. The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1750 GTAM. Built to replace GTA in 1970 ETCC, the GTAM was bigger, wilder, and a lot faster. Not by chance won that year's championship. From 220 to 240 hp of brutal "biscione" power, transferred to tarmac by huge Firestone...