gt40 skin

  1. Pasta2000

    Ford GT40 Historical Skinpack 2023-1

    One of the most iconic cars of the 60s, the Ford GT40, raced all around the globe for the better part of half a decade. In this pack are 45 such examples. I've chosen to do only entrants from 1968 up to 1970, to match the model MkI ingame. All skins have been converted to BC1 4K, for better...
  2. Pasta2000

    Ford GT40 - Daytona 24h 1970 #18 (4K) GT/103

    As seen at the 1970 running of the Daytona 24 hours, where in the hands of William Wonder and Ray Cuomo the car started in 41st and finished in 8th overall - still 145 laps behind the winner. Might do every GT40 chassis at some point. >4k skin >custom json >red like ferrari but its not >it did...
  3. Mixak700

    GT40 "Gas Monkey Garage" team 2020-11-08

    GT40 "Gas Monkey Garage" team install instructions------------------------- unzip "GT40 Gas Monkey Garage team.rar" into your GTL\GameData\Teams\GTC-65\Ford GT40 directory hope you enjoy!
  4. Andy-R

    2 Daytona 24 Hours Ford GT40 Skins 1.0

    Installation: Choose between the dirty or clean skins. Open the clean or dirty folder and then extract to your AC main folder. There are also some optional extra skins from various GT40's, if you wish to use them open the optional extra skins folder and extract to your AC main folder...