1. WeateM5

    Porsche 911 GT2RS Clubsport | RedBull Skin 1.1

    A concept RedBull livery for the Porsche 911 GT2RS Clubsport by Guerilla mods. Might not be perfect! It's one of my first skins :)
  2. GianmarcoFiduci

    BMW M4 GT3 - Valentino Rossi WRT 2023 Livery 1.2

    Enjoy! Install in: rFactor2\Installed\Vehicles\BMW_M4_GT3_2020\1.03
  3. M

    'Arlanda 2.5 Part2 2.5.001

    UPDATE. 2.5.001 Second Part of the Arlanda 2.5 YOU NEED PART 1 for this to work Updated the Guidance blocks that was on the wron place for Endurance layouts. Fixed the Start grid file so you should not fall thrue the earth anymore at layouts using Star2 and star2r files. File list of changes...
  4. M

    Arlanda Part1 2.5 2.5.002

    Update 2.5.001 Updated the file to include the missing ini files. This makes the Tracklayout for GP stand alone. You will not need the second part. Second part gives you 28 more layouts. CSP 0.1.60 or later req. For you who downloaded the first new Part 1 File or Part 2 say yes to overwrite...
  5. morizottom

    Valencia Ricardo Tormo Skin 1.0

    Hi Everyone Another fictional skin for Valencia -New 2022 kerb color -New 2022 extrakerb color -New 2022 tyrewall color -New 2022 extraroad color -New Sponsors Track link in the ZIP file, as usual Let me know your thoughts Enjoy !
  6. schumi07ga

    2022 Target Racing - Lamborghini Huracan ST Evo 2 GT2 1.0

    Quick skin for Guerilla Huracan GT2 Mod, Hope Enjoy. #24 Target Racing - Round 3 Misano Dmitry Gvazava, Dimitrios Deverikos #9 Target Racing - Round 1 Imola Pierlugi Alessandri, Dilantha Malagamuwa
  7. BlackFox510

    42# BMW Motorsport 2001 ALMS 2022-09-04

    This is a personal use skin, feel free to modify
  8. Dan!Ger

    LM24 1994 Porsche 964 RSR Henriksen #66 0.9

    Next race for the car which raced previous in the BPR Jarama 4H and Paris 1000 km under Bellm and Bristow Motorsport was Le Mans 1994. The car was raced under the Norwegian flag entered by Erik Henriksen. The driver lineup was the same as for the Paris 1000 km race with Ray Bellm, Harry Nuttall...
  9. Assetto Corsa Competizione to add GT2 Pack

    Assetto Corsa Competizione to add GT2 Pack

    The 2022 SRO Motorsport Annual Press Conference saw some special information released for sim racers. President of SRO Stephané Ratel surprisingly announced an upcoming GT2 expansion for ACC, which was later confirmed by Marco Massarutto, Executive Manager at Kunos Simulazioni. Confirmed...

    Audi R8 LMS GT2 Heritage Livery 1.0

    This fictional livery for the Guerilla R8 GT2 is based on the legendary Audi 90 IMSA GTO and it celebrates 33 years after its first race.
  11. jdmfanboy123

    Porsche 935/19 GT2 - John Player Special #68 1.4

    Heritage John Player Special livery for Guerilla Mods Porsche 935 GT2, iconic black and gold colours. This time in minimalist design. Check out my other JPS skin here. Roughly based on this:
  12. jdmfanboy123

    Guerilla Mods Porsche 935 GT2 - John Player Special 1.1

    Heritage John Player Special livery, iconic black and gold colours. Check out my other JPS skin here. Including details on the rear.
  13. B

    1997 GT Championship Charles Morgan 1.0

  14. Two Laps World Tour - Tor Poznań - Poland - Brabham BT63 GT2 - 4K Ultra Quality - JUST 2 LAPS

    Two Laps World Tour - Tor Poznań - Poland - Brabham BT63 GT2 - 4K Ultra Quality - JUST 2 LAPS

  15. schumi07ga

    LP Racing 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 0.1

    LP Racing for Guerilla 911 GT2 RS Clubsport mod, driven by Leonardo Gorini
  16. DaWallace

    BMW M2 GT2 - Guerilla Racing fictional 1.0

  17. DaWallace

    BMW M2 GT2 - Marc VDS - IceWatch 1.0

  18. peppen

    Test Driver BMW M3 GT2 skin pack 1.0

    Un nuovo skin pack targato Test Driver! Questa volta per la BMW M3 GT2. All'interno ci sono dei file .psd per poter apportare alcune modifiche, come cambiare il numero, aggiungere loghi etc. Ecco un link utile per chi volesse creare una livrea personalizzata...
  19. Matthew327

    Manthey Grello - Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 1.0

    What if Manthey raced a GT2 car on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife? Here's the Guerilla Mods Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport in the famous Grello colours. Tried to get close to the original without straight-up copy-pasting the design. Hope you like it! Note: Car livery only, no suit, helmet or...
  20. I

    2022 Pfaff Motorsports #9 Porsche 935 1

    Guerilla Mods released their Porsche 935 GT2 mod today through their Patreon, and I had to Pfaff it up! And featuring flannel turbofans!