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  1. Isaac Chavira

    [4K] AC Skinner Texture Pack Part II v. 1

    Here is part II of the textures packs for your skinning projects in Photoshop or Gimp. I hope you can use them. I have these all on my Adobe Stock and other sites. These are all in 4K. Titanium Exhaust Pipe Scratched Metal Untreated / Un-Anodized Titanium TechART Chopped Carbonfiber Standard...
  2. Esotic

    Shifter Kart Skin Template 0.8.2

    This is a Gimp XCF that contains the UV Map, an Ambient Occlusion Layer, and several basic examples. The Shifter Kart is available here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/shifter-kart-125.41682/ Cheers, Dave\Esotic
  3. zerobandwidth

    Livery Templates for KTM X-Bow GT4 Evo (GIMP) 1.0.20200731.01

    These are the templates I created for myself in GIMP in order to make liveries for the official KTM X-Bow GT4 Evo. Included are: main body (EXT_skin.dds) other metal bits (EXT_bodyMetal.dds) interior (INT.dds) rims (rim.dds) Occlusion layers were calculated by Content Manager and then made...
  4. R

    Porsche 911 GT3 R - 'Bathurst' Skin Pack 2020-04-29

    In view of the current 'world' state of affairs, we have been really missing live racing comps from the far reaches of this earth... To that end, this "Bathurst' skin pack is aimed at fulfilling the heartfelt racing-halt that we are all experiencing. And look forward to sunny days once again...
  5. R

    Koenigsegg CCGT GT1 - Gulf Skin Pack 2020-04-29

    Another glorious racing car that IMO was in need of some grid companions. Here's a fictional 'Gulf' pack that was created for testing and racing purposes. We could all use a bit more racing at this time in our lives. Enjoy! Note: slight tendency to get a sore eye (humour) seeing the 'Gulf'...
  6. R

    Alfa Romeo TZ2 - Skin Pack 2020-04-29

    For the sporting delight Alfa Rome TZ2, these skins will certainly add some classic-race character and vibrant colours to your grid. If you like these pls don't forget to rate - cheers, enjoy and be safe.
  7. zerobandwidth

    BMW M3 GT2 templates for GIMP 1.0.20200419.01

    The BMW M3 GT2 car occupies a turbulent point in the history of top-tier IMSA racing, as the nomenclature of the GT classes was shifting toward an eventual merger of ALMS and Grand Am. This can present a challenge when trying to decide how to customize the car's livery in AC. Also, we'll be...
  8. ltcars

    Gimp dds plugin working in 2.10?

    Is there any dds plugin for Gimp working in 2.10?
  9. hal4000

    Vector logos 1.3

    I spent a couple of afternoons chasing down some vector logos and I thought they could be useful for some ppl. There are 236 of them in this folder. (V1.0) All renamed and numbered. The big advantage of vector images is that you can resize them to just about any size you want without loss of...
  10. T

    GTR2 Looking for templates

    Hi everyone :) Is someone among you able to create some car templates ? I'm looking for some but didn't find them on the Internet. If the answer of my question is yes, I will post here the list of cars I'd like to edit Thanks in advance ;)
  11. T

    Looking for templates

    Hello guys I'm looking for some car templates for a Race 07 mod, but I can't find them on the Internet Is someone able to create these templates for me ? If yes I'll post the list of cars I'd like to edit ;) Thanks in advance :)
  12. T

    Skinning issue

    Hi everyone :) I've started to create an Oreca 03 skin based on the livery of Pegasus Racing. I paint it with the software Gimp and then export it into .dds with Paint.net But when I select the car in the menu, this one is too much bright I heard that we have to put an alpha layer to avoid...
  13. Andy-R

    Skins Help creating skins in Gimp

    I have a question about skinning Kunos cars. If other people have questions or are looking for tips skinning using Gimp feel free to post them here as well. I have made a few skins now but almost all of them were for mod cars rather than vanilla. Apart from the manditory stuff like making a...