1. Daro1966GPO

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 - FW42 Rokit Williams Racing 2019 - Helmets of RK88 and GR63 v. 1.1

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2018: - FW42 Rokit Williams Racing 2019 v1.0 - Helmets of Robert Kubica and Georg Russel. - And pitstop support. Install in the Assetto Corsa folder. Greetings and have fun. Forza Kubica ;-) Ps. This is my first time so please forgive me for any mistakes.
  2. NegenTienTwaalf

    Williams FW42 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 0.9

    About: This mod contains both Russell's and Kubica's liveries of the F1 2019 season for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 mod. Driver suits and gloves are made by @blackcelica, the skins itself are fully created by me. Screenshots: This skin is made for the RSS Formula Hybrid car which you can...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Williams Forced to Change Suspension and Mirror Design for Australia

    The Under fire Williams team have been forced into a suspension and wing mirror redesign prior to Australia, in order to avoid potential illegality complaints from other teams. Having eventually turned up at the two week pre-season Barcelona test with an interesting front suspension design...
  4. Daniel Paez


    WILLIAMS FW42 4K 1.0 T IMPORTANT: COMPLETLY BASED ON ESPECTACULAR WORK BY TALISMAN - Fix some Graphics - Reworked "Shark Fin" - Hyper Shine - Kubica and Russell Numbers - Kubica and Russell Helmets (Work in Progress) - Williams Steering Wheel (Adapted) - Less pixels on Low Textures...
  5. jburon72

    2019 ROKiT WIlliams Racing Livery 1.0.3

    Hello everyone. Here is my version of ROkiT Williams Racing FW42 which was launch yesterday. Kine already released his version but has a little bit of difference. This will be updated with more accurate details as the reference imagesof the launch was a bit dark ------ MOD DETAILS ------...
  6. SashaF1Game

    Williams Racing FW42 | F1 2019 1.0

    Hello everyone! I'm posting the seventh part of my "F1 2019 MOD", in this case the Renault F1 Team R32. This mod contains actually only the car livery, but in the future I'm gonna update this with suits and everything else SCREENSHOTS IMPORTANT: IN CASE OF ANY PROBLEM, YOU CAN CONTACT...