fuji 1968

  1. Pasta2000

    Lola T70 - 1968 Fuji 300km #11 1.0

    The Lola T70 saw quite a bit of action in Japan from 1966 onwards to the 1969, this is one of the cars to be quite a force in domestic motorsport. Appearing at the 1968 10th All Japan Sportscar Fuji 300km Tournament, as driven by Ginji Yasuda. Yasuda previously drove E-Types for a couple years...
  2. FFF789

    Fuji 1968 GP layout cameras 1.0

    A "TV Fuji" camera file - some looong shots mixed with a couple of static shots. This is only for the GP version, with a big banked turn 1. Might do the other layouts if wanted. This will be added beside the original camera file. Didn't like that one for my replays :) too much FOV. Very cool...