fuel calc

  1. M

    Fuel consumption v0.2

    A simple first plugin I made to get some experience on it, it shows a lap counter, the 3 last laps you did and how much fuel you used on each one, an overall consumption and the average of all laps
  2. David Turley

    ACC Fuel Calculator Desktop 2.2

    I had some time on my hands and i need to learn how WPF and MVVM works so I decided to whip together a quick fuel calculation app. You can select a track and the car you want. Configuire the lap distance, fuel usage ect. Save the settings, and switch to a new one. Next time you go to the same...
  3. Anvikov

    ACC Fuel Calculator Android 04-07-2020

    English description: Greetings. This is an application for calculating fuel in the Assetto Corsa Competizione. English is not my native language, I hope the text will be clear. The application runs on Android 5.1 and higher. The application is in a zip archive. Описание на русском языке...
  4. cerebralvortex

    CBV Fuel Calc 1.1

    CBV Fuel Calc Simple fuel calculation app for Assetto Corsa Why I made it I got bored of taking off my VR headset to calculate the fuel I needed on my phone, or just having to use the calculator altogether Predicted fuel usage in Assetto Corsa can't be trusted I ran out of fuel on the last...