1. colephelps1

    F2 Dallara Chassis 1.0

    Hi folks. This mod is made for modders who have a F2 Chasssis to work with. This mod take a lot of time in my life, so if you use the chassis to create a mod, just give me the credits. BACKUP YOUR FILES! INSTRUCTIONS: 1- How to use/mod 2- Informations 3- Bugs/Minor Fixes 4- Screenshots...
  2. finnbot

    Nissan Nismo F2 1.0

    !! CREDITS !!: Michael Cochrane Hi everyone! This is my recreation / conversion of Michael Cochrane´s awesome Nissan Nismo F2 Concept Design Have fun with the skin and if you like the Livery give me a review :) Skin made with permission by...
  3. DylanGerardin

    F2 2019 - Trident 1.0

    Hi everyone, After the BWT Arden skin, I've made the Trident for 2019 season. The pack contains both Giulano Alesi's and Ralph Boschung's cars, but no driver suits & helmets. Thanks for all the good comments on my first skin, this one won't be perfect too but I am quite proud of it...
  4. DylanGerardin

    F2 2019 - BWT Arden 1.0

    Hi everyone, This is my very first official skin for Assetto Corsa (I use to make fantasy skins), and I wanted to pay tribute to Anthoine Hubert, who was french like me. The pack contains both Tatiana Calderon's and Anthoine Hubert's cars, with their driver suits, but no helmets, because I am...
  5. gnokketto

    RSS Formula 2 V6 2018 Alonso Abu Dhabi Skins 1.0

    Abu Dhabi Tribute, Gracias Fernando livery for last F1 Grand prix of Fernando Alonso, number is personlized with 12 (instead 14) for RSS Formula 2 V6 2018 Cars Please do not reshare, only Racedepartment Skin made myself from template, renault logo replaced with Honda