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  1. L

    2020 Alfa Romeo Racing C39 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is 2020's Alfa Romeo livery, for RSS Formula Hybrid 2020. Quite like this livery, it's surely and improvement over the 2019 one, though I find a bit sad that the team is giving less and less space to the Sauber/Swiss motif. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. For Helmets, you can find them in...
  2. Sieht so die Formel 1 der Zukunft aus? | Formula Hybrid X 2021

    Sieht so die Formel 1 der Zukunft aus? | Formula Hybrid X 2021

    Die neuen Regeln der Formel 1 stehen vor der Türe. Bald wird sich in der Königsklasse des Motorsports einiges ändern - wie diese Änderungen aussehen und viel wichtiger, wie sie sich fahren, erfahrt ihr im heutigen Video über den Formula Hybrid X 2021!
  3. B

    Aston Martin Racing RSS Formula Hybrid X v1.0

    This is my take on the Aston Martin livery for the future regarding the 2022 regulation changes. Hopefully you guys will enjoy the skin. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. sickopaul

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 - Fila Motorsport 1.0

    Got some inspiration, decided to make this skin for you guys. Enjoy!
  5. B

    Ferrari Concept Livery SF-1100 RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 2020-05-15

    I apologize for the Vettel number, I made this before Carlos Sainz signed to the team! Please forgive me, maybe I will make an updated version in the future!
  6. Ferrari2016

    Lucky Strike Honda RA106 Jenson Button Livery | RSS Formula Hybrid X | V1.1

    So, here it is. My First Honda Formula One skin for Assetto Corsa. The Honda RA106 driven by Jenson Button. Special shoutout for the help on the helmet by: 'SamTheStupid' - Hopefully you will enjoy it, be sure to leave your star...
  7. T

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - Aston Martin AMR 1 Skin v1.0

    Good little experiment this. Still getting a hang of the editor, but I'm happy with how this is looking. Calling this the AMR 1
  8. T

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - Toyota TF120 Skin v1.0

    First pop at an AC RSS livery, so faaaaar from perfect. But here's my 2020 rendition of the classic Toyota F1 livery.
  9. ardaguler

    Air Jordan 1 Fearless - Nike | RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 Skin 1.1

    Description: RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 skin based on Air Jordan 1 Fearless. I tried to make this famous shoes for Assetto Corsa. So you can drive your best shoes :). Maybe I can make different versions. How to install: Paste the folder which is in rar: C:\ or...
  10. nihilus99

    Formula Hybrid chrome

    Hi. Many times try to make a chrome skin for rss formula hybrid cars, but no success.. Can anybody make some like that Sean Bull create on fH 2017 car?
  11. Franstuf6

    Formula Hybrid 2020 - Sewerslvt/New Love 1.0

  12. L

    2020 Ferrari SF-1000 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 1.0

    This is my version of the Ferrari SF1000 for the FH2020. This time, livery made from scratch. I decided not to include helmets as they can be directly downloaded from the original author. Pitcrews and Gloves have been edited to match 2020, so they are still included but credits are given...
  13. Conguito_

    RSS FH 2020 | Sauber C34 1.0

    Here I present a Sauber C34/ C35 livery adapted to the Formula Hybrid 2020. The download includes skins, driver clothing and custom made crew clothing aswell. Drivers are Marcus Ericsson #9, and Felipe Nasr #12.
  14. CC

    Cars Formula Hybrid 2020 by Race Sim Studio

    RSS is proud to announce its next arrival in its formula series, the Formula Hybrid 2020 project.... FORMULA HYBRID 2020 RELEASED! With great pleasure, we announce that our new brand Formula Hybrid 2020 car for Assetto Corsa is now available! This is a brand-new car with the most detailed...
  15. nihilus99

    Formula Hybrid 19 and X McLaren-Mercedes 1.0

    Im update my black - silver 2019 version of McLaren to more realistic, fix some bugs and add a new team suits, logos, etc. Also in this pack new skin for FH X. Yes, its again black and silver, no, i dnt use Vodafone, and hate Papaya. West livery only and 4ever!)))
  16. L

    Renault R.S.20 Concept | RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 1.0

    This time, I bring you a Renault concept livery I've made. It's inspired in the 1983 Renault RE40, notably driven by Alain Prost. I always thought Renault Sport could use some white in their liveries in the past few years, and the 1983 livery is one of my favourites. Anyway, here goes some...
  17. L

    2020 Ferrari SF-1000 | RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 1.0

    This is my first release. I have used some people's (great) work as a base for this skin, so here goes some credits: Gloves, Pitcrews: Helmets...
  18. jajafrison

    Scuderia Ferrari 2022 fantasy skin 1.5

    Scuderia Ferrari 2022 Fantasy Skin for the rss formula X 2021 of assetto corsa. Happy racing to you ;) More cars,tracks and skins here: and my YouTube channel:
  19. shadow118

    RSS Formula Hybrid X Renault liveries 1.0

    Renault F1 Ricciardo and Ocon liveries for the RSS Formula Hybrid X. After watchin 'Drive to Survive' on Netflix, wanted to make some F1 liveries for some reason... :D The livery is a mix between the 2019 and 2020 liveries, with some modifications to fit the car. I also included Pirelli tires...