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  1. FastRacer023

    Mercedes Benz CLR LM Skin Pack 1.0

    This skin pack contains the cars #4, #5 and #6 that took part in the 1999 24 hours of Le Mans as well as replicas of the 1998 CLK LM cars #1 and #2 of the GT1 championship adapted for the CLR LM. These skins are for the URD CLR LM that can be found with a simple google search. If the links are...
  2. Wampa842

    Unflip Your Ride 2018-06-12

    A console command to deal with heavy vehicles that went tits-up. Kind of a cheat. Also kind of crap since it simply resets the car's rotation and places it 1m higher. It won't get you out of a ditch or lake. Hint: the default key to open the console is ~. Usage: unflip <number> [angle] where...