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  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 580 48.0%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 535 44.3%
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Unflip Your Ride 2018-06-12

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A console command to deal with heavy vehicles that went tits-up. Kind of a cheat. Also kind of crap since it simply resets the car's rotation and places it 1m higher. It won't get you out of a ditch or lake.

Hint: the default key to open the console is ~.

Usage: unflip <number> [angle]
where <number> is one of the following:
  • 0: Satsuma
  • 1: Gifu (sewage truck)
  • 2: Hayosiko (van)
  • 3: Ruscko (rusty ventti reward)
  • 4: Ferndale (Fleetari's muscle car)
  • 5: Kekmet (tractor)
  • ?: show help text, including this list
[angle] can be:
  • an angle from north
  • north/east/south/west or n/e/s/w
  • empty
If [angle] is omitted, the vehicle will keep its original heading.

If the command is called without or with wrong arguments, it'll display the help text.

Warning: use at your own risk. Using this command will reset the car's rotation instantaneously! It might get damaged or stuck in the ground, especially the Gifu. If the trailer is connected to the Kekmet, it'll flail uncontrollably. If there are objects inside the vehicle, physics might freak out when they clip into each other. Cargo will almost certainly be launched into low orbit.

  1. Make sure the latest version of MSCModLoader is installed.
  2. Download and extract the archive to MSC's Mods folder.

Find my other mods on GitHub (GPL-3.0-or-later)
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Latest reviews

Fantastic, thanks a lot!
Life saver
Works just as intended, which ironically seems hard to find with the less complex mods for this game. I have a couple of your other mods as well, good work!
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