1. L

    Could not load "b_fri0000.tga"

    I'm installed Historic GT and touring car in rFactor 1, but I got the error saying Any solution for this?
  2. FNDSS

    Disassembling G920 Pedals - what size allen key is needed?

    I have a problem with spiking pedals on my G920 (throttle and clutch). The wheel is out of warranty so I decided to take the pedals apart and clean the pots to see if it would help. Before I start, though, I noticed while watching a guide that there is an bolt going through part of the pedal and...
  3. 8

    If u need any help with fixing a car etc please post here!

    hey post here if theirs anything u need help with!
  4. monkeyfan250

    window and texture fix [modded cars] HONDA ACCORD MTN 1.0

    this is to fix both the window's and the "flat look" the mod had, if this doesn't fix the issue let me know, and i will remove it accordingly. this fix is supposed to make the windows transparent on ALL default skins, you must replace ALL DEFAULT SKINS in this mod for these to work, also the...