f2 mod

  1. IidaMods2K1

    F2 2021 Mod (Beta) 2021-03-30

    As @Thang Nguyen won't make any F2 season mods for F1 2013-14, I decided to do a beta version of the F2 2021 mod. NOTE: You have to install the 28 tracks mod first otherwise the game will crash.
  2. wade.law

    F2 2018 Season MOD [PART 3] 1.4

    Part 3 of the F2 2018 MOD, this is just a new segment of the F2 MOD, this file actually contains only the texture files. Watch the UPDATE section in the Main Thread (part 1) to see what's changing every time the Mod gets an update. DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING AGAIN OR THE MOD WON'T WORK .