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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 292 20.0%
  • Boots

    Votes: 61 4.2%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 144 9.8%
  • None

    Votes: 966 66.0%

f1 2020 mod

  1. Jackal-88

    UralKali Haas F1 Team Package 2021 1.1

    Hello everybody. This is my version of Uralkali Haas Team Package mod for F1 2020. The uniforms are not exactly like the originals, but I like it. ;) Package Included: _ boots _ cap _ gloves _ racing suit _ pitcrew _ pitcrew helmet _ racecrew _ rain jacket _ umbrella _ pitstop_gantry You can...
  2. Double R

    Fantasy Season Mod 2021 1.2

    - BEFORE TO INSTALL: Thank so much to @ParkYongLee for give me the permission for use their 'Modular Mods' to perform this mod, all the credits for can put the FOM chasis in this mod are of @ParkYongLee so Thank you so much! IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is NOT compatible with most other copy and...
  3. Double R

    Aston Martin Racing F1 Team [Fantasy Full Edition] [3 Paintjobs] 1.2

    - NAME MOD: Aston Martin Racing F1 Team [Fantasy Full Edition] [3 Paintjobs] - IMPORTANT: To everyone who wants an emblem with default colour scheme. Go to [ Alternate Skin Colour\LIMA GREEN COLOUR\2020_asset_groups\ui_package\texture_arrays\customisation\cstm_badge_large\emblem ] and copy...
  4. HeskeyBoy21

    Jaguar MyTeam 2022 Concept Pack 1.02

    Please leave a rating, I will be extremely grateful :redface: Here is my F1 2020 MyTeam Pack! This look is inspired by Sean Bull's concept design of the 2022 Jaguar CXR Le Mans Hypercar Livery. Here is a post: Tweet Currently at v1.01, this pack contains: Car Livery Gloves Custom Dial...
  5. grimlock413

    Force India Complete pack for My Team Mod 100% Fixed and working 2.0

    Update 2.0: Fixed all issues with the final version, Enjoy!! This is a humble attempt to re-imagine the epic pairing of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez at Force India. Recreated the liveries, race suits, garage crews and everything. Replicated the 2016 number fonts for Hulk and Checo, Added...
  6. theslamslider

    Monster-AMG Motorsport | My Team Package 1.1

    Monster Energy decides to join F1 in order to challenge Red Bull and Alpha Tauri. The team will have huge support from the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team. They will also have some American sponsors as well.
  7. HeskeyBoy21

    Fixed Throttle and Brake sliders for F1 and F2 dials | F1 2020 1.01

    Compatible with Update 1.14 (Upcoming 1.15 update not confirmed to work yet) :) Makes changes to the dials of both Modern F1 and F2 cars so both throttle and brake inputs are easier to see. I did this by removing the spaces and making the sliders solid and replacing the dials. ILLUSTRATION...
  8. Double R

    DS Automobiles Techeetah #MyTeam (Ultimate-Pack) (2 Paintjobs) 2.2

    -> NAME MOD: "MyTeam Techeetah (Ultimate-Pack) 2.0" -> BEFORE STARTING: If you have any problems installing the mod or discover some bugs, please use the "discussions" section before voting me down, this mod is in the works and will receive more updates in the future, let's be honest...
  9. GuiihRamos

    Ford Performance F1 Team - My Team 1.0

    Hello everyone! To join Haas, I bring a new american team and one of the biggest manufacturers in the world to the F1 grid. Livery inspired by Sean Bull's Contains in mod: - Ford Livery - Ford emblem - driver suit, cap, gloves and boots - Copy and paste the version - DDS files for...
  10. Double R

    MyTeam Cyberpunk 2077 (Ultimate Edition) (3 Paint Jobs+Acessories) 2.0

    Welcome to other mod guys! this is one of my favourite videogames that I waiting for, so why not do a beautiful car inspired in this great game? Made from 0 to you. This mod is for MyTeam mode. BEFORE START: Thank you guys for all the positive feedback about my mod and constructive...
  11. Double R

    Skins McLaren MP4-23 '08 MyTeam (Ultimate-Pack)

    Double R submitted a new resource: McLaren MP4-23 MyTeam Mod (W/All Accesories) - The beautiful McLaren-Mercedes car of 2008, driven by Hamilton. This mod incluyed all accesories. Read more about this resource...
  12. Double R

    MyTeam - Honda Repsol (Inspired in Marc Márquez) (Easy installation) 2.0

    If you like motorcycling like F1, this is your ideal Skin, made with great care and love. This skin includes: Helmet, driver suit, cap, gloves and boots, a real treat for you players. Let's play! This mod has been designed as part of the Fantasy Season Mod 2021 created by @Santi007 and me...
  13. Double R

    My Team R26 Renault F1 '06 [Alonso Edition] (Ultimate-Pack) 2.3

    This is the Classic R26 Made from 0 to you. This mod is for MyTeam mode. BEFORE START: Thank you guys for all the positive feedback about my mod and constructive feedback to improve it. If you have some problems please use the discussion section. Try to use the reviews only for the comments...
  14. phoenix84621

    V12 vs V10 vs V8 vs V6 mod 1.0

    Please Note: As shown in the video below, there are two versions, the first with the modern day gearbox, which doesn't work with gearbox assist turned on (includes the AI). The second uses the classic gearbox, which all but the Ferrari are able to change gear. Install as usual using ERP...
  15. L

    Nextion 3.2" F1 2020 Dashboard + 2nd timing screen Nextion 3.2 v1.03 + 2nd screen v1.2

    2 kinds of dashboards i made and use. - A nice dashboard on or behind your steeringwheel - a timing screen for on second monitor or tablet, and keep track about laptimes and a good overview on the circuit map 1. Nextion 3.2 F1 dashboard Only for Nextion 3.2 screens Test everything in the F1...
  16. phoenix84621

    F1-E 2020 Mod 1.0

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing (33. Verstappen - 23. Albon) DS Techeetah Racing (11. Perez - 13. da Costa) Scuderia Ferrari (5. Vettel - 16. Leclerc) Panasonic Jaguar Racing (30. Evans - 10. Gasly) BMW McLaren Andretti F1 Team (55. Sainz - 4. Norris) Mercedes AMG Vestas Racing (44...
  17. phoenix84621

    Phoenix84's Alternative F1 2020 Mod 1.1

  18. jburon72

    JBuron72's 2020 Season Mod 1.02

    What's up, guys. A new formula One season is about to start means a new season mod from me. hg2019 lacks the language files which gave us access to team and driver names so those info cant be modded anymou856re. This 2020 season mod we will retain the names of teams like Toro Rosso, and Rich...
  19. phoenix84621

    Aston Martin Racing Point 1.0

  20. phoenix84621

    Haas VF-20 1.1

    V1.1 - fixed the red