1. Eutaxy

    General Assetto Corsa Hood Animation Resetting

    Basically what is happening is that any time my custom animation is triggered, it plays out fine but after it concludes and is in the "triggered" state for lack of a better term, it resets back to presumably the first frame of the animation or just the default position. How could I fix this...
  2. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Joest Racing, Xtra, No. 88, 2k+3k+4k 2020-04-10

  3. abrimaal

    Tracks in a wrong category - displayed as "Extras" after adding other tracks.

    Some tracks, when added to Race 07 change categories of other tracks. These tracks are: BATHURST2006, LagunaSeca_v12, Marrakech 2013, Oval1M, Santiago, FVRSydney, Watkins. The first one is Macau. After adding any of these tracks listed above, Macau is displayed as Extras. When I move Macau out...