ensi ferrum

  1. basthard300

    Nextion Template MERCEDES AMG GT3 1.0

    This dash was a little more complicated, :confused::confused: hopefully it works Let me know Guys:thumbsup: Basthard Paul
  2. basthard300

    Nextion Template BMW M6 GT3 1.0

    this morning I got up with the desire for nextion:laugh: I prepared this Dash without having the 4.3 inch Nextion available for any error present, please let me know, I will be grateful to you to give me chances to correct them if is necessary. the model of Nextion for base is : NX4827T043_011...
  3. basthard300

    SimHub Porsche 911 GT3 LMS 1.1

    My free interpretation for a dashboard for Porsche 911 with all active parameters. Regards;)
  4. basthard300

    SimHub RGB LEDs for new Editor 1.5

    To import, simply go to the new editor and select "Profiles manager" and at the bottom select "import profile". obviously the conversion is suitable for both 16 and 32 LEDs. "Ensi Ferrum" Plugins are required for operation. this is my conversion to the new editor for those interested, with my...