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  1. Robert Wiesenmüller with Mr.C, at Simple Talk!

    Robert Wiesenmüller with Mr.C, at Simple Talk!

    Robert Wiesenmüller on a short talk with me. RaceRoom, Exclusive upcoming championships in RaceRoom, Tips and tricks for R3E, Rfactor 2 and much more. #RaceR...
  2. MegaJoelchuYT

    Toro Loco Planet F1 2020 1.0

    When F1 2020 came out, I thought it would be a great idea to do the e-sports team where I belong on the mode "My Team", so I decided to do on modding and it came to this, hope you like it and you can get closer to e-sports with this. Download the mod on the mega link, otherwise you won't have...
  3. G

    Is it worth to pay a monthly fee for the multiplayer function of GT Sport or you are better off with Assetto Corsa?

    I think the question has more than one answer. If you are looking for a solid multiplayer experience ex. at any time of the day lot of players online, a good system for the online championship then the answer is yes, but if you are looking for clean races, then you are better of if you will look...

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