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dynamic lighting

  1. Billy Pilgrim

    FPS loss after installing dynamic shaders and BLM mods

    I've recently installed (and been enjoying - wow, they're great!) the dynamic shaders mod and the BLM Lights and Car mods/apps. In the last few days I installed the latest stable build of dynamic shaders and started using BLM's two mods but have noticed a loss of maybe 10% or more of my fps...
  2. Graham Bale

    Ai Lights not working on all Ai cars

    Having installed the Shaders Patch Dynamic Lighting mod which is great to drive especially on "Night" modded circuits, I am experiencing a slight issue. I've noticed that not all Ai car headlights are working (switched on). I have the "Turn on Lights" selected in "Conent Manager" "Weather" so is...
  3. F

    Assetto4Seasons 4.1

    "ASSETTO FOUR SEASONS" IN SUMMARY First things first. Assetto4Season is not a collection of "weathers", thus you cannot choose the weather sceanrio you find more appealing. A4S is a real weather engine, leveraging on the scripting support provided by Content Manager. The aim of fo A4S is to...