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  1. M

    (not exactly) HYPERDRIVE by MPOD_MODS 0.9

    Well, my free interpretation. I find out, that recreating original layout would be bit boring both to create and to drive. Therefore I decide to go more into cinematic experience, add more light, some obstacles etc. Every single object is my design build from zero in blender 2.8. Took me few...
  2. cdZota

    How can i drift with a 270 degrees steering wheel

    Hello, i bought an 270 steering wheel, i have clutch and a handbrake, but when i turn the wheel, the virtual wheel turna too much, please can you recommend a video, or some settings or tips, i means the steering wheel degrees(that from the game), thank you
  3. sonoftrollguy

    How to export car physics to another car?

    I drifted a car today and it felt great. I thought of trying to replicate the physics to another car. If this is not possible does exporting a car model to another car work? Thanks, sonoftrollguy