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double r

  1. Double R

    Bentley Concept 2021 (Full Package) 1.1

    I present to you the Britain brand: Bentley for F1 2021 :inlove: How to install: Inside the rar see the instructions and read carefully, for select the correctly colours for the badge and team colours, please see the images inside the rar. NOTE: You will need 'Deluxe' edition or the DLC of...
  2. Double R

    MyTeam DS Automobiles 2021 (Ultimate Pack)

    Double R submitted a new resource: DS Automobiles 2021 (Ultimate Pack) - An elegant & agressive inspired in livery the livery by the winner of the formula E for 2 times. Read more about this resource...
  3. Double R

    DS Automobiles 2021 (Ultimate Pack) 1.0

    BEFORE STARTING: You need the Deluxe edition for can play with this mod. You can't play online with mods. The tone of the colour in the game looks better than the pictures honestly. Maybe in next update I will try to make a better golden colour and black sorry for that but it's a little...
  4. Double R

    Porsche Gulf (MyTeam Skin) (Ultimate Pack) 2.3

    Hello guys! I'm back :). Now I released the 2.2 that include the full package version and Copy and Paste method. Mods are only for OFFLINE modes, no for ONLINE, take this consideration. If you want play ONLINE and go back to the default versión verify your files in Steam, search a tutorial is...
  5. Double R

    Audi Sport (MyTeam) (Ultimate-Pack) 2.0

    A livery based on Le Mans 24 Hours Winner: Audi R10 TDI - FEATURES: - A livery car Based on Le Mans 24 Hours Winner: Audi R10 TDI - Driver suit - Gloves - Boots - Emblem - Full office remodeled - Pit crew, racecrew and full pit stop - More features inside... - SOME SCREENSHOTS...
  6. Double R

    Porsche Redbull (MyTeam) (Ultimate-Pack) 1.0

    IMPORTANT: If you want to record some gameplay or videos with it, please contact with LetsPlayMatze - FEATURES: - A livery car of Porsche Redbull - Driver suit (Template by Racing_Legend_420 ) - Gloves (Template by Racing_Legend_420) - Boots - Emblem - Full office remodeled - Pit crew...
  7. Double R

    Fantasy Season Mod 2021 1.2

    - BEFORE TO INSTALL: Thank so much to @ParkYongLee for give me the permission for use their 'Modular Mods' to perform this mod, all the credits for can put the FOM chasis in this mod are of @ParkYongLee so Thank you so much! IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod is NOT compatible with most other copy and...
  8. Double R

    DS Automobiles Techeetah #MyTeam (Ultimate-Pack) (2 Paintjobs) 2.2

    -> NAME MOD: "MyTeam Techeetah (Ultimate-Pack) 2.0" -> BEFORE STARTING: If you have any problems installing the mod or discover some bugs, please use the "discussions" section before voting me down, this mod is in the works and will receive more updates in the future, let's be honest...