1. AyrtJ97

    Ford Escort RS1800 (James Cullen - Deja Vu Donegal 2019) 1.0

    Car: Ford Escort RS1800 Numberplate: 614 ZP Driver: James Cullen Codriver: Patrick Brides Starting number: #8 Event: Deja Vu Donegal 2019 Here's the Escort RS1800 of James Cullen, on an almost 1985 Donegal International Rally livery, which he drove during Deja Vu Donegal 2019, with Patrick...
  2. A

    James Cullen ascona 400 Donegal International 1988 2019-09-09

    James cullens legendary 88 opel ascona 400, outdated at the time cullen would go on to finish second only to Mark Lovel in a vastly more modern sierra cosworth Simply unrar directly to steamapps/common/dirt 2.0/cars Replaces livery_00 Enjoy