deutschlandring 1939

  1. Alexandr66

    Deutschlandring (by Fat-Alfie) Early Autumn CM skin 1.0

    [GREETINGS] [DATA] YEAR=2019 AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch) [INFO] This (not hard to make and time wasting) additional skin showing how already quality done track can be improved by editing/replacing and color correction of basic textures. In this skin were edited almost all vegetation...
  2. Stefan Roess

    KML file - how to move position in Bob`s Track Builder (Deutschlandring 1939)

    Hello, I am asking on behalf of a friend who is working on the Deutschlandring 1939 for GT Legends in Bob`s Track Builder (BTB). Preview video: I have helped him to create a KML file with altitudes. He can import it to BTB. But the KML track is way above the level of the track he has already...