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das hammer v1

  1. Darkfield

    das Hammer V1 - [PSX] Rally Cross - 116 wa v1

    das Hammer V1/Audi Quattro - [PSX] Rally Cross - 116 wa car liverie.
  2. hoover2701

    DAS HAMMER v1 (Group B) Jägermeister 1.0

    I love the Audi quattro (das hammer v1) and I love the orange Jägermeister livery for race cars. Here's my go at that combination. Added some fire to the sides to spice things up! I replaced the "hoover-nametag" on the screenshots with the Audi quattro logo in the downloadable file for your...
  3. Decinoge

    das hammer v1 FX300 Harimau 1.0

    das hammer v1 Wipeout Pure Harimau inspired livery. The archive contains 3 file sizes: 1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos). Each size is inside a different folder of the archive. There is also 3 versions per size: clean, normal, rally. On the photo I'm showing: rally version @...
  4. Belgakinen

    Belga Rally Team livery pack 1.0

    The Belga Rally Team livery pack contains the following liveries: -Escort MK2 (Esky v2) R.Droogmans 1982 -Audi Quattro (das hammer v1) M.Duez 1983 -Metro 6r4 (the 4r6) M.Duez 1986 -Ford RS200 (the cossie sr2) R.Droogmans 1986 -Sierra Cosworth (the cossie sr5) R.Droogmans 1987 More Belga Teams...
  5. transcanadalimited

    das hammer v1 - British Petroleum 1.1

    A good friend brought the quattro's often-forgotten first livery to my attention - the British Petroleum colours, from when the big Audis first raced at the tail end of Group 4 and, perhaps more importantly, Michele Mouton's debut at the Finnish Thousand Lakes Rally in 1981. But after doing...